Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

We offer the highest quality 100% silk eyelash extensions, our lashes are semi-permanent, waterproof, heat resistant and guaranteed not to crimp when cared for properly.  Lashes are attached to natural lashes and can last for a full lash cycle of up to 6 weeks with regular fill and refresh appointments. It generally takes between 30-50 minutes to apply a full set of our lashes. Touch-ups can be done in as little as 15 to 30 minutes.


                    Pricing Guide

                    v4        v2       ind.

Full Set     $80 / $110 / $180

Youthful and fresh, our full set of Evalash Extensions gives you flirty, fun eyelashes using 35+ eyelashes per eye.  Get ready to bat those big, beautiful eyelashes with a look that is just amped up above natural.  Everyone will notice the difference, but they won’t know they’re not yours. Shhh…it can be your secret, we won’t tell!

Glam Set    $95 / $125 / $220

Our Glam set of Evalash Extensions give you full-bodied lashes that command attention using 50+ eyelashes per eye.  Your inner celebrity will be awakened, and you’ll feel red carpet ready any time of the day with eyes that beg to be noticed.  Glam girls welcome the attention, so don’t be afraid to go Glam!

Diva Set    $120 / $140 / $250

An all-out, knock-your-socks-off set of eyelash extensions.  The Diva set of Evalash Extensions will take your eyelashes to the extreme using 70+ eyelash extensions per eye!  All eyes will be on you, all of the time.  It’s your moment to shine so, go ahead; let your inner-Diva shine, girl!

Relash / Touch-Up    $30 / $35 / $55 & up

Our relash/touch-up service is created to fill in any natural lash loss from your initial eyelash appointment.  Using either Minks or silk lashes, individual or V lashes.  We promise we’ll get those lashes back to gorgeous in a blink of a perfectly lashed eye!  First Relash / Touch-up must be performed within the first 2-3 weeks after your initial Evalash service, or it will be considered a new set and charged accordingly.




Brow Wax                   $15

Brow Tint                    $15

Brow Extensions        consultation needed

Lash Tint                    $20